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Cindy Lyn Pottery

Making your favorite coffee mug one lump of clay at a time!  

I take raw wet clay and transform it into a functional piece of art.  None of my work is outsourced and I have no employees that do any part of the pottery process.  All of the forming, glazing  and firing is done completely in my home by only me.  Each batch takes about 6 weeks to complete (depending on weather/humidity).  All art is unique and one-of-a-kind.  I couldn't make two pieces exactly the same if I tried! 


What I love most about my pottery is that all of my coffee mugs and bowls add character and beauty to an otherwise mundane event, such as your morning cup of coffee or having a bowl of soup.  Beauty should be all around us everyday.  Having your morning coffee out of a handmade stoneware mug makes that moment more special.   And shouldn't all of our moments be special and beautiful?  

I love making pottery in my studio (aka garage) by myself.  It is very relaxing.  Sometimes I don't even have a plan for my work until its happening.  However, I also really like people and I love to talk!  So the days I get to take my art to a show or market are some of my favorite "work" days!  Stay informed with my events on Facebook! 

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